“This was the most impactful SHAPE speaker experience I have had at the Academy, and I wish I had heard it sooner. Her passion for the subject with her experience and knowledge was felt throughout the audience. She was unbiased, brought new information, and tackled tough issues from both the male and female perspective." 

Midshipman, US Naval Academy presentation, 2022


"Finally I have a clear picture of what a Trauma Informed approach to sex assault from the initial contact with a 911 operator to patrol to investigation to prosecution‐‐wow!! Thank you! 

Participant, Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance Annual Conference,  2021

“Well versed, effective delivery, credible and passionate” 

- Sheriff’s Deputy, Maricopa County AZ, 2019

“The entire session was incredibly relevant to me. Anne Munch was an incredible speaker and kept the topic lighthearted and interesting despite being a difficult subject. The session was so helpful to understand why and how the public / communities place blame on the victim and how difficult it makes it for victims to come forward or go through the process of the criminal justice system.”

- “Victim Blaming & Retaliation; The Second Rape,”
Crimes Against Women Conference, Dallas TX, April 2019


“Anne is a great speaker, more training's with people who have the vast knowledge and experience that Anne does is invaluable.”

-Sexual Assault Investigations & Prosecutions Training,
17th Judicial District, Brighton, CO, April 2019

"By far one of the most eloquent speakers I've ever listened to. Great delivery of a powerful topic. Grateful to have listened."

-USNA Annual Keynote Address,
Annapolis, MD January 2018

"Best Sexual Assault speaker we've had by far. She allowed me to see things in a way that I had never thought about before. Very good!”

-USNA Annual Keynote Address,
Annapolis, MD January 2018

WOW! Speaker was compelling & well educated/well prepared…bring this back yearly!  Amazing"

“Victim Blaming & Retaliation: The Second Rape,”
2017 COVA Conference, Keystone CO October 2017

WOW! Superb delivery on a sensitive subject. Thank you."

-Participant, "Sexual Assault: Naming the Unnamed Conspirator."
Command Chief Master Sergeant Training Course,
Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph, TX November 2016

“Fantastic training. Best ever. Kept my attention at all times.”

-Participant, “Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview:
A Trauma Informed Experience.”
Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance Annual Training,
Keystone, CO October 2016

“I felt that this was the best SAPR briefing that I have EVER attended. Briefings to me are usually a drag and the same information all over again, just very repetitive. The Unnamed Conspirator was something else. The speaker was great with her presentation, she was passionate, she was emotionally involved, she had the presentation speak to the crowd. The audience felt a connection with it.”

- Participant, Altus AFB, OK March 2015

“10” “This was very helpful in documenting evidence – we have a case right now that this will directly impact.”

- Participant, Iowa State University
Conference on Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence;
Session Entitled, “Trauma as Evidence in Investigations,
Prosecutions and Trials”January 2015

“Excellent! I will be taking this piece and implementing it into my own interviewing and reporting on sexual assault in investigations.”

- Participant, Iowa State University
Conference on Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence;
Session Entitled, “Meeting the Consent Defense” January 2015